Team Remedy BJJ And MMA Reviews

This is more than a school it's a family. I can't say enough about what Tra Alidor does for the community. If you have never done jiu jitsu before please do not hesitate because you do not think that you are ready. We take care of each other, before anything.

Felicia G.

My 12 year old son recently started classes here and these people are awesome always taking the time to help out and encourage each other I would never send my son anywhere else.. I wish I could give more then five stars

Nicole U.

Just come train. Chances are you're reading this because you've been thinking you should start training jiu jitsu. The time is always now. Coach Tra Alidor is an expert and his multiple advanced students are more than willing to help you figure something out. You won't find a better school or better group of people who want everyone in the school to get better. In my experience, Team Remedy values safety, technique, and hard work.Don't worry about being brand new. We all were at some point. So just come, already.

Aaron L.

Extremely knowledgeable coaches. Friendly and personable people. I've searched for a few years to find a place to train and immediately felt like family when walking in to this gym. They offer classes everyday of the week, training people of all skill level. Classes are offered for men, women and children so the whole family can enjoy the personal growth and fitness that comes with learning Brazilian Jui Jitsu.

Devin A.

This is an awesome gym filled with great people who want to learn and help you achieve your goals.

Kaleb S.

Judgement free zone! No pressure or anything. Seriously recommend this to anyone who wants to learn how to defend themselves or get in shape!

Cheyanne G.

Outstanding gym! From day one, team remedy makes you a part of the family and makes every effort to make you better as a fighter and person. The gym is small but there is always enough space during the evening classes. There is a full range of classes at multiple times of the day. The quality of instruction is also outstanding from not just the head coach, tra, but also the other members. Give it a try!

Parker J.

I've always been interested in mixed martial arts, but always watched from afar. I finally decided to get into the mix myself and I'm glad it was at Team Remedy BJJ. The instructors and students are ALL great teachers. Everybody is always so helpful and although there are a number of upper level belts, there's never any hierarchical overbearing attitude on or off the mat. It's a great place for beginners or those with a whole lot of experience under their belt (no pun intended). It really is one of the few places that has a genuine, welcoming, family atmosphere and whether you're there to lose weight, hone a skill, learn self defense, learn a new hobby, or are working to compete professionally everyone is there to support your individual journey and make sure you attain your personal goals at your pace while giving you that extra push you might need when the days are tough. I'd give more stars if I could! Thanks Team Remedy for making me part of the team!

Roselle P.

Family-Oriented Team Training, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, MMA, and Wrestling.

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